A Stronger Voice for Small Businesses – FSEA project funded by a grant from the United States Department of State.

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Starting May 1st FSEA will implement a 12 month project funded by a grant from the United States Department of State.
The project will encourage and support Business to Government dialog between member companies, non-member SMEs in Moldova and the Moldovan Government. Companies will be presented with numerous opportunities to interact directly with Government officials and will be presented with multiple avenues for civic engagement in the legislative and regulatory process through individual input and collective action.
One of the project goals are to encourage Business to Government dialog in order to proactively involve small business in regulations and changes affecting them, empower SMEs in the governing process, and to promote the value of stakeholder input in effective governance. Another goal is to raise awareness in the SME’s community as well as the Moldovan community at large as to their rights for legal and administrative due process and their right to participatory civic engagement through collective action.
Small Business is the backbone of any growing or thriving economy. Small Business owners are keystones to community economic growth and local employment and in Moldova makeup 98.1% of all companies representing over 61.2% of all employees nationally (National Bureau of Labor Statistics). Furthermore Small Businesses are the laboratories of a thriving economy embodying the values of experimentation and risk-taking that are so key to entrepreneurship. That is why in order to ensure a sustainable development process SME’s should be proactively involved in business regulatory reforms in order to create participatory models of change.

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