David Smith, President

I am a native of the Commonwealth of Virginia and I lived around the world before moving to Moldova in 2012 as a Volunteer with the Peace Corps. After completing Peace Corps service in July 2014 I cofounded Smokehouse, Chisinau’s first American BBQ restaurant with Matt Stahlman and Vlad Shuleansky. Since successfully opening Smokehouse in June 2015 I can be found at Smokehouse daily chatting with customers about BBQ, craft beer and business in Moldova.

Matt Rutter, Co-President

Moldova is my home. I moved here in 2012 to serve as an entrepreneurship and economic development consultant for the Chamber of Commerce in Gagauzia. After three years with their office, it was clear Moldova has huge economic potential and a very serious need for job creation, but lacked the key start-up resources and entrepreneurial ecosystems that are the key drivers for a nation’s growth. With Kingdom Paradigm SRL, my co-founders and I are empowering local entrepreneurs with the financial and professional resources they need to launch from Moldova truly excellent and scalable enterprises. My prayer is for our clients and other excellent businesses like them to build a stronger Moldova, a better home for all those who live here.

Kelsey Walters, Vice President

I live in Moldova and I love Moldova. I come from a 6 generation ranch in Oklahoma USA. After receiving a diploma in Agriculture Economic studies I moved to Moldova in 2007 as a Peace Corps Volunteer to serve my country through serving Moldova. In 2009 I married a wonderful guy, Iurie, and we started a company in Agriculture Production. I have experienced every level of agriculture in Moldova, from hoeing gardens, managing 12 hectares of ield peppers, to selling at the wholesale market, to investing in large equipment to work thousands of hectares. I understand agriculture and farmers from a very personal level, but I also know that Moldova can do better in Agriculture.