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On September 21st the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova voted the Law nr. 185 that do amendments to the Law 1100 “Manufacture and circulation of alcohol and alcohol production” According to this new law beer producers should comply with the conditions of producing the same as alcohol producers.

This is a real threat to the small brewing industry in Moldova. Because it involves changes to the production process, changing of packaging process and labeling conditions, that consequently, involves a very large financial and production process burden and put small producers in a very critical situation.

On November 20th FSEA, organized a  technical  meeting with 6 Small Beer producers and lawyers to  identified the the key issues that affects them and formulated a Position Paper with objections and recommendations to the new law.

FSEA will monitor the situation and be actively involved in the process while keeping the small breweries informed on the progress so that their critical interests will be represented.

Position Paper Beer Industry

Position Paper Legal Analysis_tabel

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