FSEA members in dialogue with US Ambassador James D. Pettit

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On October 27th FSEA organized a Business Breakfast with the US Ambassador James D.Pettit and FSEA members.

Liliana Busuioc, FSEA Executive Director, presented FSEA mission, activity and future goals. FSEA President, David Smith, underlined the key issues that small business faces in Moldova. The issues mentioned included the necessity of reforms in the financial-banking sector, judicial reform, customs valuation and the phenomenon of black economy.

FSEA members from various business sectors had many questions regarding current problems in Moldovan business environment and the role of international organizations in the process of finding valid solutions. Also, there were discussed the difficulties for small businesses while registering their entity, applying for grants or participating in the projects that are supposed to facilitate business development. Participants expressed their concern regarding the value in customs, access to finance and the taxation at the purchase of online services from US companies.  As part of the dialogue businesses mentioned their interest for programs that would support socially responsible businesses and environment protection activities.

Ambassador Pettit welcomed active involvement and encouraged business owners to allie with business associations like FSEA and ensure that they are represented in business to government dialogue in a constructive way.



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