FSEA members attended a Business Breakfast with Mr. Andrian Candu, the President of the Parliament of Moldova

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On October 25th FSEA members attended the Business Breakfast with Mr. Andrian Candu, the President of the Parliament of Moldova. The event was organised by EBA Moldova and Amcham.

The event was attended by representatives of the business sector. In the dialogue with President of the Parliament were analyzed the main issues that affect business environment: development of the legislative framework that governs the business environment in the area of state controls, control procedures and simplifying the regulatory framework on permissive acts, amendments to the Labor Code in order to make the employee – employer relation more flexible, liberalization of the private medical services and new Law that will regulate commercial banks activity.

The representatives of the business addressed questions to Mr. Candu. The main concerns were related to: law on wastes, draft law on the normative acts, the parliamentary control concerning the implementation of the RM-EU Association Agreement, regulation of wastes incineration operations, draft Law on food information to consumers, new regulations of the legislation on mass-media, audiovisual and advertising, also commercial secrets and unloyal competition.

Mr. Andrian Candu welcomed involvement of business sector in the decision-making process and appreciated input of the participants. As result it was decided to initiate a new business to government platform at the parliament. This platform is aimed to ensure the transparency of the legislative processes through giving access to business associations to advocate for business sector in dialogue with Parliament representatives.


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