FSEA made the first step to engage with the business community from Balti

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On October 19th FSEA President David Smith and FSEA Executive Director, Liliana Busuioc had a business visit to Balti. The goal of the visit was to understand the business environment in Balti from the perspective of businesses, local authorities and other business organizations and identify opportunities for supporting SME’s outside Chisinau.

In this context, FSEA executive team have met with the Deputy Mayor of Balti, Pro-Business Nord, a business support organization and made study visits to three local businesses: Sarob Production, Valenteen Solution and Beermaster.

During the meeting with the director of Pro-Business Nord, we discussed the perspectives of SME’s development in Balti and the main challenges of SME’s in that region. Pro-Business Nord is an organization that provide education and financial support to SME’s. In that context the goal of the meeting was to share experience about SME’s development, business to government dialogue and see how the two organizations can partner and bring value to each other in order to ensure a better business environment for SME’s.

The deputy mayor of Balti Mr. Ghnedaie Smuliskii was open to meet with FSEA team. The goal of the meeting was to share the experience of how businesses interact with local authorities. At the moment in the Balti city hall doesn’t exist a dialogue platform open to SME’s. SME’s usually communicate their constraints directly to the deputy mayor or to the Economical-Financial department in writing. Occasionally the city hall organizes public debates on specific topics. Besides that, they organize business forums and business contests. In the dialogue with the deputy mayor FSEA Executive Director underlined that there is no business to government dialogue platform in Balti city hall that would work on a regular basis and ensure the direct communication between businesses and local authorities. In this context, if such an initiative would come Balti deputy mayor expressed his interest to support such an initiative.

FSEA team made study visits to 3 local companies from different industries:
Beermaster, beer producer
SAROB production, producer for the automotive industry
Valenteen Solution, IT company.

All three companies shared their experiences and challenges with the FSEA team and expressed their support to engage in FSEA mission.

The business visit was closed with a business community event with a group of 13 participants from the business community and business support organizations. The participants discussed local challenges and ways for their companies to engage more civically.

This activity and article is a part of the project funded by a grant from the United States Department of State – A Stronger Voice for Small Businesses. The opinions, findings, and conclusions stated herein are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of the United States Department of State.

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