FSEA attended the conference ”Doing Business in Moldova – Important tax and regulatory developments”

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On March 28th FSEA attended the Conference ”Doing Business in Moldova – Important tax and regulatory developments” organized by PwC Moldova. The conference was aimed to bring together specialists from PwC Moldova and Romania, representatives of state authorities and share with the business environment relevant information regarding the most important tax and regulatory developments, which will have a remarkable impact on the Moldovan business climate in the upcoming year.
Among the conference speakers were the Minister of Finance Mr. Octavian Armasu, Minister of Economy Mr. Chiril Gaburici and representatives of State Tax Service. The topics discussed were related to the business development reform, taxation in Moldova today and in the future, challenges related to financial reporting, competition and protection of personal data and IT Parks.
According to Mr. Gaburici the top priorities of the the Ministry of Economy for 2018 are: energy security, infrastructure development, creating good environment for investments, implementation of the free trade agreements, increasing the efficiency of the state enterprises and development of IT industry. Mr. Arsmasu underlined that the Ministry of Finance main objective for 2018 is the new Customs Code.
The Ministry of Finance and State Tax Service have also some initiatives that will have an impact on pre completed VAT declaration, separation of the Income Tax from Profit Tax, harmonization of VAT and excise regulations to EU directives. Also they mentioned that other targeted initiatives from business environment will be reviewed.
The conference ”Doing Business in Moldova – Important tax and regulatory developments” is organized annually by PwC Moldova and highlight the main changes for the previous year and challenges and opportunities for the the upcoming year.

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